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I returned to art a decade ago, after careers in public relations and architecture. This renewed blast of creativity has provided me with a new lease of working life and a wonderfully positive outlook. There is nothing better than the thought of the day ahead spent creating.

I have been working in a studio group with other artists, which has led me to try new techniques and styles, helping me to develop my art further.

I have lived most of my life in the UK, but have been very lucky to travel extensively, informing much of my work.


My Work

I began by painting portraits and then branched out into buildings and cityscapes.

Colour and light captivate me. I’ve always found blues and greens calming, uplifting and positive – that’s why they feature so heavily in my artworks. The most dominant feature I look for in a subject or object is how the light plays - the way it reflects, refracts, defracts and the way it bends things.

I love airbrushed flat colour. It allows me to produce more graphics-led paintings of buildings and other man-made structures.  More recently, I have moved into abstracted forms of cityscapes, allowing the colours to dominate the spaces. In my most recent work, I have combined the realism of people and buildings with single flat colours, to create a graphic realism, perhaps the closest iteration of my art to date.

I use acrylic paint almost exclusively, utilising brushes, airbrushes and spray cans. Until recently, most of my work has been on finely prepared board, but I  am now using fine cotton canvas, enjoying the increased texture that provides.


You can direct all work and purchase enquiries through the contact form here.

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